Masters of Baconology Bekonolodzy stosowani

A blog about Masters of Baconology, a group of foodlovers from Poland. Maciej Blatkiewicz is the founder of the group. This blog tells about the unique society he created.

FINALLY, our personal impressions of interacions!


Although we can manage to look like really healthy tofu fans, we absolutely love to eat , especially the most delicious food which isn't always the best for your shape. The best thing in Masters of Baconology is, that it is not only about fast food. ... więcej

What motivates them? + our pics


Masters of Baconology follow Maciej Blatkiewicz in his unpretentious approach to being a food critic . Of course, they consider design, atmosphere and professionalism of the service while they give opinions on particular restaurants. However, they f... więcej

Inspiration of Masters of Baconology


According to the members of the group ”Masters of Baconology” bacon is one of the best things in the world, if not the best. The group gathers people who not only want to simply eat tasty. The members also share information about their fa... więcej

Hello friends!


Wow, this is it, the very first post on our new blog! Welcome & enjoy! In the next posts we are going to tell you the story of Masters of Baconology step by step.  See ya!  

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