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A blog about Masters of Baconology, a group of foodlovers from Poland. Maciej Blatkiewicz is the founder of the group. This blog tells about the unique society he created.

What motivates them? + our pics


Masters of Baconology follow Maciej Blatkiewicz in his unpretentious approach to being a food critic. Of course, they consider design, atmosphere and professionalism of the service while they give opinions on particular restaurants. However, they focus mostly on the food itself, so on what one can find on his plate.

What is significant, Maciej and his followers often notice that locals which have earned a lot of popularity thanks to social media aren’t consequent in the quality of served dishes, so it gets lower after a quick ‘boom’. What’s more, Masters of  Baconology create an internet space of reliable reviews on the restaurants and cafés, so that no one has to experience an untasty surprise. It means: before you decide to eat or drink in a particular place, you can always check the reviews, either on Facebook or on the Maciej’s blog. It creates a  ‘culture of research’ among people eating out – you don’t go to a restaurant without reading the most recent opinions on it.

According to recent research, the majority of Masters of  Baconology comes from Warsaw and Poznań, but the inhabitants of Cracow, Wrocław and Tricity are also a big part of this community.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasise that Instagram plays a very significant role in the life of this group. Increasing number of likes and followers motivates Masters of  Baconology to share the photos of new places and dishes in the most attractive frames, accompanied by the fanciest hashtags.

Here are some pictures taken by us that were inspired by the amazing spirit of Masters.



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