Masters of Baconology Bekonolodzy stosowani

A blog about Masters of Baconology, a group of foodlovers from Poland. Maciej Blatkiewicz is the founder of the group. This blog tells about the unique society he created.

Inspiration of Masters of Baconology


According to the members of the group ”Masters of Baconology” bacon is one of the best things in the world, if not the best. The group gathers people who not only want to simply eat tasty. The members also share information about their favourite restaurants and the latest news from the culinary world. For instance, on the group forum you can find such content as questions and answers according to restaurants, as well as opinions on types of tabasco sauces being sold in super markets.


Which one should he choose?


Moreover, the group members share with each other jokes and memes connected with food.



Is there anything better than coffee and pie?

In conclusion, their biggest inspiration is the group’s founder – Maciej Blatkiewicz.


What you can see in their bio is: ” A group of viewers and readers of the channel and blog Maciej eats. Discussions on good food and backstage materials. Welcome!”.


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