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A blog about Masters of Baconology, a group of foodlovers from Poland. Maciej Blatkiewicz is the founder of the group. This blog tells about the unique society he created.

FINALLY, our personal impressions of interacions!


Although we can manage to look like really healthy tofu fans, we absolutely love to eat, especially the most delicious food which isn't always the best for your shape. The best thing in Masters of Baconology is, that it is not only about fast food. It gives you so many options to choose from, starting with vegetarian meals and ending with some mango pizza (for real, it exists, go check it out in Pizza Boyz in Poznań). 

Maciej Blatkiewicz and his group helped us to start the real student life we both wanted to have. All these dates, going out with friends or just grabbing something to eat between the classes couldn't happen without this huge database of great locations that Maciej and Masters of Baconology have created. 

Personally (it's Daria here) I am even a little angry about the fact that I always know where I want to eat and therefore I choose a place by myself. Why is it bad? My boyfriend doesn't have to think about where it would be good to take me! However I simply can't be more grateful for all these times I had such amazing time thanks to the advices found on the "bacon" forum. I can't recall any single time when I was less than satisfied with a restaurant of the group's of Maciej's choice. 

For somebody who lives outside a big city and visits it only occasionally, the group is a true rescue. People really think that the best and the tastiest what you can eat in Poznań is Big Mac or something from Pizza Hut. With me it was the same until I saw the magic of good food, incredible service and astonishing taste.

This BACON SHAKE (I KNOW!) is a perfect example of this magic.



All in all, I recommend everybody from Poznań to join Masters of Baconology. If you do it, you will always be sure which restaurant you should choose, which one you should avoid and if it truly is a bargain to buy this discounted Pudliszki ketchup in Piotr i Paweł.

You can also ask the group if it is a decent idea to buy a single potato for 6zł only beacuse it is tasty and looks cool... 





Here is another picture of me (holding beautiful churros) taken during a foodtruck festival about which I got to know of course thanks to my dear friends, Masters of Baconology.



Yes, I have too many pictures of me holding food. What can I do, I FREAKING LOVE IT.

Bon appetit!



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